Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chasseurs (Fr. hunters), certain regiments of light infantry and light cavalry in the French army. The gamekeepers on the royal domains of Prussia formed a special corps in the last century; and in 1743 a company of 100 men (foot), armed like them, was added to the French army. In 1757 the number was increased, and 200 cavalry were added. In 1779 six regiments of chasseurs were organised. During the wars of the Revolution and the First Empire the number varied from 12 to 31 regiments. The Chasseurs d'Afrique (mounted) were raised in 1831 for service in Algeria. At present (1892) there are 21 regiments of mounted chasseurs in the French service, and six of Chasseurs d'Afrique. There are 30 battalions of chasseurs-a-pied, each of four or six companies. A company consists of 19 officers and 552 men.