Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Charles Karl Ludwig Johann

Charles, Karl Ludwig Johann (1771-1847), Archduke of Austria, third son of Leopold II. In 1796 he commanded the Austrian army on the Rhine, and defeated the French general Moreau at Rastadt. He also defeated Jourdain, drove the French across the Rhine, and took Kehl. In 1799 he again headed the army of the Rhine and again defeated Jourdain and held his own against Massena. In 1800 bad health compelled his retirement, and he was made governor of Bohemia, where he raised another army and stopped Moreau, till the conclusion of an armistice. In 1805 he commanded an army in Italy against Massena, was defeated at the battle of Caldiero, but made a good retreat into Croatia. In 1809 he won the battle of Aspern, but Napoleon checked him at Wagram, and pushed him back and back. Shortly afterwards an armistice was concluded, and the Archduke disappears from public life save for a moment after Napoleon's return from Elba.