Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chanzy, Antoine Eugene Alfred (1823-1833), a French general, who, after serving for a year as a sailor, entered the school of St. Cyr in 1841, and two years afterwards went to Africa as lieutenant of Zouaves. After distinguishing himself there and in the Italian war, and as general of brigade when the French and Prussian war broke out, he was made general of division and took an active part in the war, and in 1870 Gambetta, who had a great opinion of him, gave him the commend of the 2nd army of the Loire. At Le Mans in January, 1871, his army was almost destroyed by Prince Frederic Charles. In February he was elected member of the National Assembly, and in March was held prisoner by the insurgents. In 1872 Thiers made him a member of the committee of defence, and in 1873 Marshal MacMahon made him governor-general and commander-in-chief in Algiers. In 1879 he was ambassador to Russia, but in 1881 he resigned and was made commandant of the 6th corps d'armee. His death, a few days after that of Gambetta, was much regretted even in Germany, where he was much esteemed, and he received a public funeral. He wrote (1871) The Second Army of the Loire.