Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Chaetodon, the type-genus of Squamipinnes (formerly, and sometimes still, called Chaetodontidae), a family of Acanthopterygian fishes with numerous genera from tropical and sub-tropical seas. The species are for the most part brightly coloured and curiously marked, and are generally found near coral-reefs, whence they are often called , "coral-fishes." The body is greatly compressed and elevated, and the jaws are produced into a more or less elongated snout, in the front of which is the mouth; teeth small and slender, and arranged in bands. The anal and dorsal fins are so covered with scales as to obliterate the distinction between them and the body. The type-genus contains about 70 species from the tropical parts of the Atlantic and the coral-reefs of the Indo-Pacific.