Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Carlow. 1. A county of Ireland, in Leinster, having Kildare and Wicklow on the N., Wicklow on the E., Wexford on the S.E., and Kilkenny and Queen's county on the S. and S.W., with an area of about 350 square miles, consisting of level and undulating land, except in the S., where it is slightly mountainous. The chief industry of the county is dairy-farming, and a considerable quantity of grain, flour, and butter is exported. Coal mining is carried on in the W., and there is some quarrying of granite, limestone, and marble. 2. A town of Ireland and capital of the county Carlow, about 57 miles S.W. of Dublin, situated at the junction of the Barrow and the Burren. It is an assize town, and is the seat of a Catholic archbishopric. The town is well built, and has two bridges, and among its public buildings are a Catholic cathedral, a theological college, and a lunatic asylum. The ruins still exist of a Norman castle built in 1180, and dismantled in 1650 by General Ireton. Carlow has many flour-mills, and carries on an important trade with Dublin and Waterford in corn, flour, and butter.