Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Caraccioli Prince Francesco

Caraccioli, Prince Francesco, a distinguished Neapolitan naval commander, was born about 1729, and, after having bravely served his sovereign and country, joined the Parthenopean republic, and for a short time was commander-in-chief of its fleet. Upon becoming convinced that the King of Naples would recover his throne, he endeavoured to secrete himself, but, being discovered, was carried on board Lord Nelson's flagship, which was then engaged in protecting royalist interests. The unfortunate prince was at once tried by court-martial, and the same evening was hanged at the yard-arm of the Sicilian frigate Minerva. This was on June 29th, 1799. Lord Nelson has been accused of having unduly hurried the proceedings, and of having acted unjustifiably throughout; and it must be admitted that the circumstances attendant on the prince's execution constitute a blot upon the memory of our greatest admiral. At the same time it is impossible to suppose that Nelson realised that he was doing wrong. The indignation of the loyal sailor seems to have got the better of the natural humanity of the kindly man.