Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Cambaceres, Jean Jacques Regis de, Duke of Parma, was born in 1753 at Montpelier. Brought up as a lawyer, he received various judicial offices under the National Convention, whose right to condemn the king he denied. As president of the Committee of Public Safety, in 1794 he helped to bring about peace with Prussia and Spain. His moderation made him an object of suspicion to the advocates of extreme measures, and in 1796 he was obliged to withdraw from the presidency of the Five Hundred. After the revolution of the 18th Brumaire (9th November, 1799) he was appointed second consul, and faithfully served the interests of Napoleon, by whom, on the establishment of the empire, he was made Arch-Chancellor, and in 1808 Duke of Parma. In 1816, for having shared in the execution of Louis XVI., he was banished, but in two years was permitted to return. His Projet de Code Civil formed the basis of the Code Napoleon. He died in 1824 in Paris.