Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Caceres, the name of a Spanish province in Estremadura and of its capital. The province is noted for its cattle-rearing, and in the northern part a good deal of wine is produced. The city is 20 miles south of the Tagus, and 24 miles west of Truxillo, and has a bishop and fine episcopal palace, a college and a public school. There is a considerable trade in wool, and Caceres possesses fulling and oil mills, lime-kilns, soap-works, and tanneries, and in the neighbourhood are large gardens, fields, and pastures. There are some notable specimens of mediaeval architecture among the houses, and the granite bull-ring is remarkable. The Romans and the Moors made much of the place, the former founding here their Castra Caecilia; and the allied forces here defeated part of the Duke of Berwick's forces in 1706.