Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Caballero, Fernan, the name adopted for literary purposes by Cecilia Boehl (1797-1877), a Spanish literary lady, born at Morget in Switzerland, the daughter of a German merchant named Nicholas Boehl. She was educated in Germany, and returning to Spain in her seventeenth year, she married a Captain Planelles. Soon becoming a widow, she married the Marquis of Arco Hermoso, who died in 1835; and she then married for the third time, her husband being a barrister, Antoine d'Arrom, who went to Australia as consul, and died in 1863. After that, Madame d'Arrom lived in retirement at Seville. Her first work, which appeared as a feuilleton, was Gaviota, and it at once established her reputation, and from that time forward she published a great number of novels and stories, in which she paints, with charming precision, the types of people, the manners, and the customs of Spain, especially of Andalusia, which is the most unsophisticated part of the country. Besides her original works, she made a collection of popular stories and poems called Cuentos y poesias populares Andaluces, and. a Coleccion de articulos religiosos y morales. La Mitologia contada a los Ninos, Elia, Clemencia, are some of her best known works.