Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Caaing Whale

Caaing Whale, a popular name for Globicephalus melas, a cetacean of the dolphin family. The head is massive and boss-like, the body is cylindrical in shape, tapering to the deeply cleft tail, and uniform black in colour, except on the belly, which is whitish. The dorsal fin is high and triangular, and the fore limbs are usually long and narrow. Total length of adults from 16 ft. to 25 ft., girth about 10 ft. These whales, which feed principally on cuttle-fish, are mild in disposition, and extremely gregarious in habit, and when in danger frequently follow the leader of the drove to destruction. They often occur in large schools round the north-eastern islands of Scotland, and sometimes as far south as the Firth of Forth. Some other species are found, widely distributed, but they have not been accurately distinguished.