Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bulldog, a breed of dogs said to be derived from the same stock as the mastiff (q.v.), formerly used by butchers for catching and throwing cattle, and afterwards bred for bull-baiting (q.v.). These dogs are large, powerful animals, of greater courage than intelligence, loving and obedient to those they know, slow to make friends, and swift to resent injury to themselves or their masters. The following are the chief points of the breed as laid down by Vero Shaw: - Skull large, square and broad; skin of forehead wrinkled, the "stop" or indentation between the eyes deep; lower jaw projecting beyond the upper; canine teeth wide apart, incisors regular; eyes large; nose set well back, allowing the dog to breathe freely while holding on; ears small; cheek-bumps at base of jaw well developed; neck muscular, and with a double dewlap; shoulders sloping and strong; chest wide and deep; forelegs powerful, straight, shorter than the hind, and turned out at the shoulders; body very deep at the chest, of considerable girth; back short, rising from the shoulders to the loins, then sloping to the stern, forming a "roach" or "wheel" back; loins powerful; tail set on low, short, and very fine; hind legs turned out behind; coat short and close; weight about 50 lbs. for a dog, and 45 lbs. for a bitch. Bull-dogs may be of any colour, except black or black-and-tan; brindle-and-white, brindle, white, fallow or fawn, with black nose being the most valued.