Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Buckland Francis Trevelyan

Buckland, Francis Trevelyan (1828-1880), surgeon and naturalist, was the son of Dr. Buckland mentioned below, and was educated at Winchester and Christ Church. He made his medical studies at St. George's Hospital, and was for a time assistant-surgeon to the 2nd Life Guards. But it is as a naturalist that he is best known, both from his writings and his lectures, and the countless anecdotes of his sayings and doings with regard to the animal world, which provided the most valued companions of his daily life. He contributed largely to the Field and other papers, and in 1866 originated Land and Water, perhaps the most fascinating of all the sporting papers, since in it science is treated rather as the mistress of sport than as its handmaid. His Curiosities of Animal Life and History and his Notes and Jottings of Animal Life are full of vivid interest, and there are few boys, whether of smaller or larger growth, to whom the name of Frank Buckland is not familiar. He interested himself greatly in fishes, and, besides starting the Museum of Economic Fish Culture, was an inspector of salmon fisheries, and was a special commissioner on the salmon fisheries and the herring fisheries of Scotland.