Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Buchanan Claudius

Buchanan, Claudius (1756-1815), born near Glasgow, and studied at Glasgow and Cambridge, was the pioneer in the work of trying to Christianise India. In 1797 he was appointed to a chaplaincy in the East India Company's service, and was stationed at Barrackpur. Here he studied Hindustani and Persian, and in 1799 went to Calcutta, where he was vice-provost of the college at Fort William. After translating the Gospels into Hindustani and Persian, and making tours in S. and W. India, he returned in 1808 to England, and succeeded so far, by preaching and by editing The Star of the East, in interesting the country in the subject of India, that he lived to see the first English Bishop of Calcutta appointed.