Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bruix, Eustache de, a distinguished French naval officer, was born in 1759, and was a commodore in the first republican fleet that put to sea in 1793. He was a rear-admiral in Villaret's fleet in the action with Lord Bridport off the Isle of Groix in 1795, and next year commanded the fleet in Toulon. From April 28th, 1798, to March 14th, 1799, as vice-admiral, he was minister of marine, and was exceedingly active. In 1799 he commanded (with five rear-admirals under him) the fleet which left Brest on April 25th, and entered the Mediterranean. He was afterwards in command of the enormous flotilla which was destined for the invasion of England. He died in 1805.