Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Brown Thomasmetaphysician

Brown, Thomas, metaphysician, was born in 1778 at Kirkmabreck, Kirkcudbright. After a few years' study at the University of Edinburgh he began the practice of medicine in 1806, and in 1810 Dugald Stewart, professor of moral philosophy in the University, falling ill, he was chosen Stewart's colleague and successor. Meanwhile he had distinguished himself by his acute criticism on Dr. Darwin's Zoonomia and his essay on Cause and Effect, the views in which were suggested by Hume. He also published some indifferent poems, but his leading work is his Lectures, which were brought out in book form after his death. His main addition to psychological science was his elevation of muscular sensation into the rank of the senses, a point that has been subsequently developed by Professor Bain. He died in London in 1820.