Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Brompton. 1. A western suburb of London included within the parish of Kensington, and lying N. of Chelsea and S. of the district popularly known as Kensington. The name, however, from a caprice of fashion is gradually dying out of use. South Kensington taking its place. Within recent years the semi-rustic houses with gardens, that sheltered a large artistic colony, have been swept away, to make room for more pretentious mansions. The Consumptive Hospital, the Hospital for Women, and the Roman Catholic Oratory are the chief public buildings in this neighbourhood, but the Art Department of the South Kensington Museum was formerly regarded as a Brompton institution.

2. A suburban ecclesiastical district carved out of the parishes of Chatham, and Gillingham, Kent, and almost wholly within the borough and fortified lines of Chatham. It contains the upper barracks and naval hospital, with other works and buildings.

There are three parishes and townships of this name in Yorkshire, one in Shropshire, and two in Somerset.