Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

British Association

British Association for the Advancement of Science, a society founded mainly by Sir David Brewster, in 1831. As its name implies, its object is to assist the progress of discovery, to make known the latest results of scientific investigation and research, by bringing together eminent men belonging to all the various branches of science. Meetings are held annually, a different town being chosen each year; all the principal towns in England, as well as Montreal, in Canada, have at various times been the meeting-places. Lectures, excursions, soirees, conversaziones, form a contrast to the more serious portion of the business. The society is divided into eight sections: (1) Mathematical and Physical Sciences; (2) Chemical Science; (3) Geology; (4) Biological Sciences; (5) Geography and Ethnology; (6) Economic and Statistical Sciences; (7) Mechanical Science; (8) Anthropology. Among the former presidents of the Association may be mentioned Professor Huxley, Professor Tyndall, Sir Frederick Abel, etc. etc.