Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Bretondelos Herreros

Breton de los Herreros, Don Manuel, born 1796, Spanish poet and dramatic author. He is said to have composed poetry at the age of seven. Poverty brought him and his brother to Madrid to seek employment. Here the brother died, and Manuel was educated by the Christian Brothers. At 18 he entered the army as a volunteer, and served till 1822, when he retired, and got some government employment. On the restoration of Ferdinand he lost his place, and took to literature as a means of support. His first dramatic work was produced with success in 1824, and ten years after, at the height of his literary career, he was appointed guardian of the national library. He lost this in 1844 for a poem he wrote in honour of Espartero. He was elected member of the Spanish royal academy in 1837, and he was made commander of the Order of Charles II. He was a prolific writer, though much of his work was re-adapting already existing French or Spanish pieces. He excelled in the delineation of female nature, especially in its caprice and inconstancy; and it is in comedy and satire that he principally shows his qualities of style. There is a complete edition of his works.