Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Brecknockshire, or Brecon, is an inland county of South Wales, covering an area of 719 square miles, and is thus the fourth largest county in Wales. Though it is the most mountainous county in the principality it is considerably under cultivation or pasture, and yields, besides the ordinary grain crops, hops, fruit, cattle, butter and wool. Its chief rivers are the Wye, Usk, Yrfon, Elan, Claerwen and Tawe; and amongst its lakes is Breckinioc Mere, the largest in South Wales. The principal towns are, besides Brecknock, the capital, Crickhowell and Builth. In the S.E. are extensive ironworks, and among its manufactures are woollens and hosiery. The prevailing language of the inhabitants is Welsh. Brecknockshire formed part of the territory of the Silures, famed for their stubborn resistance to the Romans, and it was in this county that Llewelyn, the last British Prince of Wales, was defeated and slain.