Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Brazil-wood, the wood of Caesalpinia echinata and allied species, imported in considerable quantity as a source of red dyes. C. echinata is a Brazilian tree with prickly branches, bi-pinnate leaves, with elliptical-acute leaflets, racemes of yellow flowers and spinous pods. It is probably the Bresil de St. Martha, the source of the valuable Lima wood, the less valuable Nicaragua wood or Peach-wood. C. crista, a native of the West Indies, is another source of Brazil-wood and of Bahama Braziletto wood. Peltophorum, Linnaei, formerly known as C. brasiliensis, a native of Jamaica and San Domingo, is the source of Braziletto-wood, used as an orange dye and for violin bows and other small articles of turnery.