Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Brahui, the dominant and most numerous race in Baluchistan, which ought to be called "Brahuistan" (Pottinger). The Brahui differ profoundly from the Baluchi (q.v.), being chiefly highlanders of Mongoloid race and speaking an agglutinating language which shows some slight affinity to the Dravidian of Southern India. They regard themselves as the true aborigines and look on all others as intruders, at least in the Sarawan and Jalawan uplands, to which region the race is chiefly confined. Type, short, thickset figure, round face, flat features, small eyes and nose, yellowish-brown complexion, long black hair, sparse and short beard. They are divided into a multitude of tribes, the royal sept being the Kambaran, of which the Khan of Kelat (paramount lord of Baluchistan) is a member. The Brahui are the Baraha of the early Rajput records. See Dr. Henry Walters, From the Indus to the Tigris (1874), and H. Pottinger, Travels in Beloochistan, etc. (1816).