Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Brahmaputra, a large river in Asia, has its sources in Thibet. After flowing eastwards for 1,000 miles under the name of the Sanpoo river, it turns southerly through the Himalayas, emerging in the N.E. of Assam as the Dihong. Here it is joined by the Dihong and the Brahmakoonda, and the united waters now named Brahmaputra, i.e. Son of Brama, flow southerly through Bengal and join the delta system of the Ganges. In the rainy season the Brahmaputra rises as high as 40 feet above its usual level, and irrigates the surrounding plains, which bear jute, mustard and rice. It is navigable to steamships for 800 miles from the sea, and its total length is estimated, at 1,800 miles.