Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bradford, a parliamentary and municipal borough of England in the West Riding of Yorkshire, is situated on a tributary of the Caire, and is connected by a branch canal with the Liverpool and Leeds canal. It is the chief centre in England of the spinning and weaving of worsted yarn and woollens, and also manufactures alpaca stuffs, silks, velvets, plush, cotton, etc. Near it are coal and iron mines, and stone quarries. Among its public buildings are the old parish church of St. Peter, St. George's hall, mechanics' institute, markets, town-hall, public library, grammar school, and technical college. It has also five public parks, covering an area of over 200 acres. The town is also adorned with statues of Sir Robert Peel, Sir Titus Salt, S. C. Lister, etc.