Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Boyle Roger

Boyle, Roger (1621-1679), soldier and statesman, was the fifth son of the Earl of Cork. Having distinguished himself at Dublin University, he made a tour in France and Italy, and on his return, after marrying Margaret Howard, sister of the Duke of Norfolk, he went over to Ireland and aided his father in his struggle against the rebels. He retired to his estates in England upon King Charles I.'s death, but tired of inactivity he had resolved to go abroad and join in the attempts to restore Charles II. Cromwell, however, getting knowledge of his intention, and knowing his value, intercepted him at London, and prevailed on him to accept a general's command in Ireland against the rebels. This he did, and served Cromwell faithfully, and was a member of his Privy Council during the Protectorate. On the death of Cromwell Robert Boyle left the falling house, and was instrumental in the restoration of Charles II., who made him Earl of Orrery. He had great influence in public affairs, but a quarrel with the Duke of Ormond brought him to England. He was impeached, but the prosecution failed; and though he had to give up his public employments he remained in great favour with the king, who often consulted him. He was a brave soldier and a good handler of troops.