Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Bouet Willaumez

Bouet-Willaumez, Louis Edouard, Comte, a distinguished French naval officer, was born near Toulon on April 24th, 1808. In 1844, being then a captain, he was appointed Governor of Senegal, and in 1854 he was made rear-admiral and chief of the staff of the French fleet in the Black Sea. Five years later he commanded the squadron of blockade in the Adriatic. He became a vice-admiral in 1860, and a senator in 1865. On the outbreak of the war with Germany he was given command of the iron-clad fleet which was sent, to the Baltic, where, however, he was able to effect little or nothing. He died on Sept. 8th. 1871. Admiral Bouet-Willaumez, besides being an exceptionally good naval officer, possessed great literary talent, and was the author of numerous books, pamphlets, and articles in technical periodicals.