Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Bothwell James Hepburn

Bothwell, James Hepburn, Earl of, was born about 1530. Until the death of his father in 1556 nothing is recorded of him. Four years later he appears to have gone on a mission to France, when for the first time he saw Queen Mary, who made him a privy councillor in the following year, 1561. After an attempt to abduct the queen in 1562 he had to seek refuge in France, not appearing at the Scottish court after Mary's marriage with Darnley in 1565. In 1567, Feb. 9, after trying to induce Mary, during her visit to him at Hermitage Castle, to procure a divorce from Darnley, he murdered Darnley and carried off the queen to Dunbar Castle on April 24th. On May 15th they were married, and on June 15th the parting at Carberry Hill (q.v.) took place. Bothwell fled, but being ultimately captured was imprisoned in Draxholm Castle, where he died in 1577. Bothwell was described to Elizabeth by Throckmorton as "a glorious, rash, and hazardous young man, one whom his adversaries should have an eye to." According to other accounts he was thoroughly selfish and brutal.