Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Boston, in the United States, the capital of the New England State of Massachusetts, stands on a peninsula that projects into Massachusetts Bay at the mouth of the river Charles. Among its suburbs is Cambridge, the seat of Harvard University, and Charlestown, from which it is divided by the Charles river, was the scene of the battle of Bunker Hill. Boston enjoys good harbour accommodation, and is the termini of many lines of railway. Its trade is extensive, and its manufactures varied. It is also among the best built of American cities, having spacious regular streets, parks, and many public buildings of architectural merit. It is well supplied, too, with religious, charitable, and educational institutions; the latter comprising, besides 400 elementary and fifty grammar schools, theological, legal, medical, technical, and musical colleges, open, for the most part, to both sexes. Founded in 1630, Boston is associated with the leading events in American history. Here was published the first American newspaper in 1704, and here the British-taxed tea was thrown into the harbour in 1773.