Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Boorde, or Borde, Andrew (1490-1549), a native of Cuckfield, who, brought up to the Church and being a Carthusian, obtained a dispensation and became a doctor. Andreas Perforatus, as he punningly called himself, travelled widely in his Wanderjahr, and on his return to England was sent on a confidential mission by Cromwell. We then find him again gadding about the earth, at one time in Glasgow or Antwerp, at another in Rhodes or Jerusalem, and presently in the Fleet prison, where he died. It does not appear which of his vagaries led him to the Fleet, but he seems to have led a gay life. His Handbook of Europe and his Itinerary of England survive, and his Introduction of Knowledge contains the earliest known specimen of Romany.