Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Bony Pike

Bony Pike (Lepidosteus), a genus of Ganoid Fishes constituting a family (Lepidosteidae), dating back to Tertiary times in Europe and North America, and now confined to the United States, Mexico, and Cuba. The body is elongated and sub-cylindrical, and covered with lozenge-shaped scales arranged obliquely so as to overlap, and form a bony armour; skeleton bony; and the vertebrae - round in front and hollow behind - allow great mobility; tail heterocercal; paired fins unlobed. The snout is produced, and the upper jaw is the longer; teeth of unequal size in double rows, longer on the lower jaw. There are three species: - L. viridis, L. platystomus, and L. osseus (the commonest). The general colour is brownish or greenish-yellow, sometimes with black spots. These fish frequent shallow and reedy places, and to their form and voracity their popular name is due. They are called also gar-pike and garfish, but are not allied to the pike (q.v.) or true garfish (q.v.).