Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bonneval, Claude Alexandre, Comte de (1675-1747), a celebrated French adventurer, born of one of the first families of Limousin. Forced from the navy by the consequences of a duel, he entered into the French guards, and bought his regiment in 1701. He fought in the Italian wars and displayed singular courage, but for insulting Madame de Maintenon he fell into disgrace, and was obliged to take refuge in Austria. Here he served under Prince Eugene against France, with the rank of Major-General (1710-1712), returned to France, married, deserted his wife, and went back to Austria. After distinguishing himself in two battles, he insulted Prince Eugene, and was deprived of his rank. He then took refuge in Turkey, and turned Mussulman. He became a general of artillery, a pacha, taking the name of Achmet, and tried hard to introduce European discipline and tactics into Turkey. He is said to have been contemplating a return to France when death put an end to his plans. Memoirs have been published in his name, but they are not genuine.