Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Boniface, the name of nine Popes of varying historic importance. Boniface I. [St.] (418-422) was supported by the Emperor Honorius against his rival Eulalius. It was to this pope that St. Augustine dedicated his work against the Pelagians. Boniface II. (530-532); Boniface III. (607-608) obtained from the Emperor Phocas an acknowledgment of the title of universal bishop as the right of the pope. Boniface IV. (608-615) transformed the Pantheon into a church. Boniface V. (619-625) maintained the rights of sanctuary. Boniface VI. (896) only reigned a fortnight. Boniface VII. (984) is considered by some writers as an anti-pope. Boniface VIII. (1294-1303) was renowned for his struggle with Philippe le Bel over the question of supremacy. Dante has placed him in hell for simony. Boniface IX. elected at Rome (1389-1404) during the schism of Avignon. He was the first pope to wear the triple crown.