Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bondu, a kingdom of Africa, in Eastern Senegambia, between lat. 14° to 15° N., long. 13° to 14° W. Inhabited chiefly by Foulahs. The capital, which in Park's time was Fatteconda, is now Boulibane, on the Falame. The country is on the left bank of the upper Senegal, and its chief valleys are well watered and fertile. The land generally is mountainous and picturesque, but not very productive. Cotton, fruits, indigo, maize, rice, and resin are the main productions; and the people, who are of gentle manners, breed a few horses, cows, and goats. There is a considerable transport trade in slaves, salt, iron vegetable butter, and gold dust.