Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bond. 1. Edward Augustus, born 1815, at Hanwell, entered the British Museum in 1838, and from being keeper of MSS. became chief librarian in 1878. He has done much useful work in the way of publishing catalogues and facsimiles of MSS.. and is founder and president of the Palaeographic Society, for which he has edited facsimiles. He is LL.D. of Cambridge, and a C.B. Besides work of an antiquarian interest, he has edited for the Hakluyt Society the Speeches at the Trial of Warren Hastings. 2. William Cranch (1789-1859), an American astronomer, who, then a clockmaker, had his attention turned to astronomy by an eclipse in 1806. He was one of the first American observers to announce the comet of 1811, and was later the first to employ photography as an instrument of astronomical research. In 1838 he was appointed to the duty of making a series of observations in the exploring ship commanded by Captain Wilkes. In 1840 he was appointed director of the observatory of Harvard College.