Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bona fides. Good faith, i.e. honesty without fraud, collusion, or participation in wrong-doing - as opposed to malafides or bad faith. The phrase "want of good faith" indicates a kind of fraud which renders an agreement voidable between the parties to it, and it also indicates that sort of knowledge which disentitles one party to claim against the other, who would otherwise be liable to him. The term bona fide is often ambiguously applied. A bond fide traveller is one entitled to be served with refreshment within the prohibited hours under the Licensing Acts 1874, by section 10 of which it is enacted that "no person is to be deemed a bona fide traveller unless the place where he lodged during the preceding night is at least three miles distant from the place where he demands to be supplied with liquor; but although a man is not a bond fide traveller unless he has travelled the three miles, he does not necessarily become so by merely having travelled the three miles."