Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bogos (properly Bilin), a Hamitic nation north of Abyssinia, about the river Anseba, where their chief settlement is Keren, recently occupied by the Italians from Massawa. Their language, spoken by about 20,000, is akin to the Agau of Abyssinia, but the differences are so great that the two peoples cannot converse together. A branch of the Bilins on the east side of the Upper Anseba call themselves Sanahib. The government is patriarchal, each village being ruled by elders, and all profess the Christian religion, recognising the Abuna of Abyssinia as the head of their church. See Munziger, Sitten and Recht der Bogos (1875), and Professor Reinisch, St. Mark's Gospel in Boqos (1884).