Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Boerhaave, Hermann, was born at Vorhout, near Leyden, in 1668, and intended for the pastorate of which his father was a member. He distinguished himself at the university of Leyden under Gronovius and other eminent teachers, philosophy and mathematics being his strong points. At his father's death he took up medicine, and in 1701 was appointed lecturer on that subject, and on botany at Leyden. In 1714 he became rector of the university, and professor of practical medicine, and four years later he occupied the chair of chemistry. As a clinical teacher and an investigator of disease his fame was deservedly great, and to his professional talents he added piety, grave, yet cheerful manners, and a consideralle knowledge of languages. His chief works were Institutiones Medicae, Aphorismi de Cognoscendis et Curandis Morbis, Libelius de Materia Medica et Remediorum Formulis, and Institutiones Chemicae. He died in 1738, after a long illness.