Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Blood Thomas

Blood, Thomas, Colonel, was born in Ireland in 1628. Entering the Parliamentary army, he served under Cromwell, and was appointed a justice of the peace in Ireland by the Protector's son. A needy, reckless, unprincipled adventurer, he turned Royalist at the Revolution. He twice attempted (1663 and 1670) to seize and assassinate the Duke of Ormond, Viceroy of Ireland, and escaped punishment. In 1671, dressed as a priest, he gained admission to the Tower, and nearly succeeded in carrying off the Crown jewels. He was brought before Charles II., and boldly admitted his guilt, and confessed that he had even formed a design against the king's life, but had been over-awed by the royal presence. He was pardoned, and received a pension of £500 a year. After the fall of the Cabal ministry his influence waned, and he was sent to the King's Bench on a charge of conspiracy. He died in 1680 after being released on bail.