Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Biscayor Vizcaya

Biscay, or Vizcaya, the most northerly of the old Basque Provinces (q.v.), Spain. It occupies a considerable coast-line between Guipuzcoa and Old Castile, and has an area of 833 square miles. The surface is very mountainous, but the valleys, watered by numerous swift streams, produce maize, vegetables, chestnuts, and excellent fruits, whilst sheep and cattle are pastured on the slopes. The coast abounds with fish, which provide a hardy race of seafarers with a good livelihood. Iron, lead, sulphur, alum, and marble are among the valuable mineral products, the chief mining centres being Somorostro and Mandragon. Bilbao is the capital. Portugalete, Durango, and Orduna come next in importance, but are small places.