Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Biron Armandde Gontault

Biron, Armand de Gontault, Baron de, was born in Perigord in 1524, and distinguished himself on the Catholic side in several battles and sieges during the Civil war, though he favoured the Huguenots at heart, saving several friends in the massacre of St. Bartholomew. In 1577 he was sent to the Low Countries as marshal of France to assist D'Alencon, but he was defeated by Parma, He was one of the first to acknowledge Henry IV., fought for him in Normandy and at Paris, and was killed at Epernay in 1592. His habit of carrying a note-book to enter anything remarkable that came to his notice led to the proverbial expression: "You found that in Biron's pocket-book."