Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bhils (Sanskrit bhilla, wild, rude), a widespread non-Aryan race, Central India, chiefly in the Vindhya hills, Malva, Mevar, Kandesh, Gujerat. etc., bordering east on the Gonds and intermingled here and there with the Kols, with whom they seem to be fundamentally connected; are still semi-independent in the so-called "Bheel tract," Bagar, under their own ravats (chiefs). Two main divisions: Ujvala ("bright," that is, "white") and Kala ("black"), the latter pure, the former mixed with Aryan elements. Speech of Ujvala, a corrupt Hindi, of the Kala, a doubtful Kolarian dialect. Numerous clans, but no castes; type medium height, straight eyes, slightly prominent cheek bones, long and lank black hair, strong active figures. The full-blood Bhils are estimated at over a million, the half-breeds at many millions. The great majority of the Minas in Bundi (Rajputana) are of Bhil stock, and alliances between the Bhils and Rajputs date back to remote times, probably prior to the institution of the caste system. The term Bhilala is still applied to numerous low caste communities in N.W. India sprung from Rajput fathers and Bhil mothers.