Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bhandara, the name of a district and town of British India in the central provinces. Its boundaries are - on the N., the districts of Seoni and Balaghat; on the E., Raipur; on the S., Chanda; and on the W., Nagpur. Its chief river is the Wainganga, and it contains more than 3,500 lakes. The area is 3,148 square miles, of which upwards of a third is under jungle, producing gums, fruits, honey, etc. The chief article cultivated is rice, though there are other crops of grain, oil seeds, sugar cane, cotton, vegetables, etc. Iron and stone are found, and its manufactures are chiefly hardwares and cloth. It became British property in 1854. The town of Bhandara is the chief in the district, trading principally in cotton and hardware.