Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Bernouilli John

Bernouilli, John, like his brother James (q.v.) also a mathematician, was born July 27th, 1667, at Basel. After about a year in the commercial world at Neufchatel he returned to his studies at Basel, being aided by his elder brother, James. Mathematics and chemistry were his special subjects; he also studied medicine, graduating M.D. in 1694, and immediately afterwards was appointed to the mathematical chair at Groningen. Here he remained until the death of his brother James, when he was appointed to the chair in the University of Basel thereby vacated. His mathematical discoveries were numerous and comprised the exponential calculus and the curve of swiftest descent. His collected works were published in 1742, and in 1745 his correspondence with Leibnitz. He died January 1st, 1748.