Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Berners, Juliana, was the daughter of Sir James Berners, who was executed on Tower Hill in 1388. The year of her birth is not known, as indeed is very little else about her. To her authorship are ascribed certain writings on hunting, hawking, and heraldry. The title of the book which was printed in 1486 at St. Albans, near which at Sopewell Nunnery she is said to have been prioress, is Treatyse perteynynge to Hawkynge, Huntynge, and Fysshynge with an Angle; also a right noble Treatyse on the Lygnage of Cot Armours, endynge with a Treatyse which specyfyeth of Blasynge of Armys. If Juliana Berners be the authoress of this work, then she is the earliest known female writer in English.