Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Berkeley James

Berkeley, James, 3rd Earl of, was born in 1681, and, having entered the navy, became a. captain at the age of twenty. As Lord Dursley he commanded the Boyne, 80, at Rooke's action off Malaga in 1704; and in 1706 he commanded the St. George, 96, at the siege of Toulon. In 1708 he became a vice-admiral, and was actively employed in the Channel and North Sea, taking several ships from the French; in 1710 he succeeded his father as Earl of Berkeley; in 1717 he was made first Commissioner of the Admiralty; in 1718 he was appointed Vice-admiral of England, and hoisted, by special warrant, a Lord High Admiral's flag, as commander-in-chief of a fleet destined to act against Spain; in the same year he was installed a Knight of the Garter, and in 1736, after having retired from active service, he died at the Chateau d'Aubigny, near Rochelle.