Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Benguela, a country on the W. coast of Africa. extending from the Coanza to the Cunene river, between 10° and 17° S. lat. with vague limits inland. It is a well watered and fertile district sloping up to mountains of considerable height, and at various levels producing a great variety of crops. There is also much undeveloped mineral wealth. The Portuguese in 1617 founded S. Felipe de Benguela about the middle of the coast, and have made it the administrative centre of their protectorate. Since the suppression of slavery it has dwindled into insignificance. Other towns are Catumbela, Bihe, and Quicombo. The southern part of Benguela is known as Mossamedes, and forms a separate government, the capital, which bears the same name, being in Little Fish Bay.