Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Beloochistan, anciently Gedrosia, a country in Asia bounded on the N. by Afghanistan, on the E. by Sind, on the S. by the Arabian Sea, and on the W. by Persia. Its coast-line on the Arabian Sea extends for about 600 miles, yet it has no good harbours, the only places of shelter of any note being Soumiani Bay, Homara, and Gwadar. Its rivers are the Bolan, Rodbat, Lora, Shirinab, Mula, Habb. Sinamani, Marwar, Nari, Urnach, Purali, Shadi, Mokula. Bhasul, Ghish, Gashastan, Dasht, Rakshan, Bhado. Gwargo, Nihing, and Mashkid. It is divided into seven provinces, viz. Kelat, Sarawan, Kohistan, Cutch-Gundava, Jhalawan, Loos, and Mekran. It is in the main a barren mountainous country, and for the most part as yet unexplored. Even its numerous rivers contribute little to its fertility on account of their insignificance. The climate is also very varied, the cold in winter being severe, and the heat in summer intense. It yields different minerals and great variety of fruits, grain, and vegetables. Its manufactures are few and insignificant, being confined to Kelat, the capital. It is peopled by two races - the Baluchis and Brahui (q.v.), speaking distinct languages and subdivided into innumerable tribes. They are described as brave, active, and hospitable. The practice of polygamy is universal.