Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Beauchamp, Alphonse de. historian and litterateur, was born at Monaco in 1767, dying in Paris in 1832. In 1784 he entered the Sardinian military service, and was imprisoned for refusing, from conscientious motives, to fight against the French Republic. On his release he went to Paris and obtained government employment, having the press under his surveillance. He displeased the authorities with his Histoire de la Vendee et des Chouans, and lost his situation, being obliged to leave Paris. In 1811 he was allowed to return, and received a small pension, which was continued to his widow. His best known historical and biographical works are: - Histoire de la Conquete du Perou, 1807; Histoire du Bresil, 1815; Histoire de la Revolution du Piemont, 1823; Vie de Louis XVIII., 1821. The Memoires de Fouche are also attributed to him.