Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Bazard, Saint Amand, was born at Paris in 1791. He was closely identified in the revolutionary movements of his time, helping in the formation of the society of the "Amis de la Verite," and a combination of French Carbonari, and being a leader in the "Plot of Belfort." He then, 1825, joined the Saint Simonians, editing their journal, Le Producteur. A series of lectures that he delivered in Paris in 1828 is published in a book entitled Exposition of the Doctrine of St. Simon. A close friend and fellow worker of his was Enfantin, with whom he founded a Socialist society living under its own laws. He quarrelled with Enfantin about the position of women and withdrew in 1831 from this experimental colony, dying a year afterwards.