Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.

Banda Islands

Banda Islands, The, or Nutmeg Islands, twelve in number, situated in the Banda Sea, south of Ceram, form a group of the Eastern Archipelago, and belong to the Dutch. Their total area amounts to some 7,150 square miles. The largest, called Banda Lantoir, from the abundance of Lontar palms, is exceedingly unhealthy, and so Banda Neira is made the seat of government. Several are inhabited. Earthquakes and eruptions are frequent and disastrous, Gunong Api containing an active volcano. Nutmegs and mace, cultivated by Chinese or Malays, constitute a very valuable product, and gold is found in Rosyn-gain. Banana Island is famous for fruit. Lantoir and Neira possess excellent harbours.