Note:  Do not rely on this information. It is very old.


Babington, Antony, an English Catholic of good Derbyshire family, was a page at Sheffield when Mary Queen of Scots was there under charge of Lord Shrewsbury. He at once came under her fatal spell (1569). Being in favour at Court, he served as the tool of the Jesuit Ballard in hatching a conspiracy for the murder of Elizabeth. His correspondence in cipher with Mary and others was intercepted by Walsingham. He was arrested, confessed his guilt, and suffered death with thirteen confederates at Tyburn in 1586.

“At the least whosoever has the spirit of Christ, shall find that spirit in him striving against that which is contrary, and by little and little gaining ground. Where there is no conflict, there is no spirit of Christ at all.”
–Richard Sibbes, Description of Christ